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At Sandblasting Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina we have all of the required tools and experience to deal with any hard surface, no matter how old, how rough, how rusted or damaged. We will be there to help. The thing is, we have been doing this long enough to have encountered almost every issue to do with hard surface restoration and renewal. You could say it is in our DNA.

In the Greenville area, customer after customer have been first amazed and then grateful at the kind of work we can do. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have an old surface of a rusty machine in needs of a new, fresh look. The finish we create is stylish and has many other benefits, too. Read on to find out more.

About Us

Here at Sandblasting Greenville, we operate with a team of highly trained and passionate individuals who are able to take calls and prepare plans, carry out the more heavy duty work as well as produce great customer relationships with a can-do attitude and a smile. It’s been a journey but now we are set-up to harness all of our capacity and really get the best out of the people and tools at our disposal.

No job is too big, too rough or too daunting for us. Here, on our website, you can read all about our list of services. They will be sure to tackle all of your blasting needs as well as reassure you that all is not lost! Even if a surface looks way past life, we can give it a thorough workover and get it looking spick and span.



    Our range of services combine three key elements that make them work. The first is great equipment and training. This is a must but you’d be surprised how overlooked it is by some contractors. Secondly, we never skimp on health and safety. If we do a job for you, it will be done with utmost care and preparatory caution. Thirdly, we pride ourselves on having great customer service skills in all departments.

    Sandblasting Greenville doesn’t just want to work for you, we want to help you in any way that we can!

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    Dustless Blasting

    We have the equipment and the know-how to cover all of your blasting needs. Any hard surface, whether it is large or small could do with a good blasting every now and then. And the best thing about it - no dust plumes! No residual leftovers. It is a great way to ensure an object or a wall is clean or ready for resurfacing.

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    Soda Blasting

    This is the mildest of our services. It works great on those appliances and objects that are a little more fragile than the rest. Famously used on the Statue of Liberty in the 1980s, this service is sure to generate a clean finish with no impact at all to the actual substrate.

    “I was in need of a bit of abrasive blasting last year and didn’t know where to look. I had experience crushed-glass blasting before but not in the Greenville, SC. Thankfully, I was told about Sandblasting Greenville by a friend near me. They did a great job on my stubborn back yard and it has never looked newer!” - John L.

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    Industrial Sandblasting

    The big gun: this service is older than some of the rest but it is a golden oldie. It is one that works very well for commercial and industrial jobs. It does require a good clean up afterwards but it hasn’t been beaten by an abrasive material yet.

    Get in touch if you want a no nonsense system that delivers consistent results.

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    Boat Sandblasting

    Boats are useful to us here in Greenville. We are not next to the sea but we have many workers who rely on the boat industry for their living. It is important to offer a boat sandblasting service because people often forget to clean the underside of their boats.

    In reality, it is just as important as cleaning your teeth. Read that section of the website to find out more!

    “It comes as no surprise that boat restoration and boat sandblasting is a plentiful market here in South Carolina. But you’d be surprised how few contractors actually specialize in it. The folks at Sandblasting Greenville don’t mess around. They get the job done on deadline and to exactly your specs. I couldn’t have been happier with the job. It is nice to feel secure on the water once again.” - Harrison P.

    We sandblast homes and brick too

    Residential Sandblasting

    This is a service that is close to our hearts. We are proud to help make homes and residencies a more comfortable, clean and stylish place for their inhabitants here in Greenville.

    cars get blasted all the time to remove rust

    Car Blasting

    Our cars can be our pride and joys! But sometimes they don’t look up to scratch. Never fear, here at Sandblasting Greenville, we have the answer. Cleaning, stripping and blasting - that is what gets the best results. Allow us to perform this service on your car without damaging it at all!

    “We run a kitchen here in Greenville SC. For years now, the back wall has been gathering all kinds of nasty stuff. From oil damage to rust, it looks ancient and it is only about 10 years old! I have just been ignoring it because it is impossible to clean with a rag and commercial cleaning products. I hadn’t thought of blasting until I saw Sandblasting Greenville’s ad. They’re great and everyone should bear them in mind for the future.” - Ron S.


    It is very easy to get in touch with us here at Sandblasting Greenville. Our contact details are on this website. You can call us and speak to one of our team who will be happy to discuss the details of a job with you, whether it is a car, a building, a pool or any part of a residential or a commercial property, we are there to offer the helping hand you need.

    We can strip paint and create a shiny new finish or get rid of oil damage. Surface preparation, wood and concrete sandblasting… we’ve got it all! Get in touch today!

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