Boat Sandblasting Greenville

boat needing blasting south carolinaIn South Carolina there will always been a need for boat restoration. We live by the sea after all. But, in Greenville, we are slightly more inland. There are still many boat-owner and hobbyists who love nothing more than to head down to the sea when the weather permits. There are still many workers who rely on the boat trade for their living. But, because of our reduced proximity to the water, there are less companies that provide much needed services like boat sandblasting.

Indeed, it is a job you don’t really think about. Even whilst many people continue to spend lots of time on boats, the underside is like an invisible face that rarely sees the light of day. You can be sailing on the water, the breeze in your hair, feeling like everything is perfectly fine and the bottom of your boat can be busy gathering unwanted materials that could cause problems for years to come. Therefore, it is very important to think about organising regular cleaning for your boat. We know is is an annoying job though! It is tough work and work that requires skill and expertize.

That is why, at Sandblasting Greenville, we have set up a service to give you a helping hand for one of the most annoying vehicle restoration tasks in SC. Just like your teeth, you hair and behind your ears, it is easy to forget sometimes but a good clean is definitely required regularly!

We have been operating in the Greenville area long enough now to have several contracts to do with boat restoration. So, because of that, we know what causes unwanted build up on the underside of your ships. Mainly, we’re talking algae and paint. Algae is obvious - when your boat sails around, it quietly builds up aglae on its underside which in turn leads to a weakening of the material on the substrate. It is an irritating fact of nature but luckily, it can be dealt with quickly and easily by a professional.

Paint damage is less obvious, but allow us to explain why it is important. Everybody knows how difficult it can be to clean the underside of a boat and because of that, many people are satisfied to just paint over it and leave it at that. Whilst this makes it look good for a while, a build up of paint does not protect the boat itself. The paint can even become flaky, leaving some areas of the boat exposed to damage from the outside.

With our equipment and know-how, we can blast off the areas that are most stubborn on your boats. Allow us to do the dirty work for you! We love to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.

We promise, once we’re done with the boat you will be happy in the knowledge that the whole structure will be safe and secure on the water for a long time to come. At Sandblasting Greenville, we are very happy to help!


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