Car Blasting Greenville

blasting rust off cars SCCars, cars, cars! We love them in America and in Greenville it is no different. But, what happens when your beloved vehicle has spent a little too much time driving in nature’s elements to retain it shine and style? It is a sad but unavoidable fact that cars do rust, they discolour and they won’t keep looking fresh forever. We’re sorry.

We feel the pain of it all as well. Therefore, car blasting services are an important facet of anybody's car maintenance regime. Every now and then, it needs to be done in order to maintain the look of your vehicle and to protect it from further damage.

But, that is not all the car blasting process is good for. No, sir! Have you ever been guilty of driving around a lovely car that you find satisfying in every way, only to get your eye caught by a red flash.

When you look around, the familiar feeling of envy might cross your mind and you might find yourself wanting to completely transform your car into a different beast altogether. But how on earth are you going to achieve that? Well, At Sandblasting Greenville, we have the service you are looking for and it will cost less than you imagine as well.

So, next time you find an unwanted scratch on your car, or you feel like a new change of colour, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love to hear from car lovers and car owners alike. A lot of the team here at Sandblasting Greenville will share your concerns and completely understand where you are coming from. It’s easy to just leave it and drive around with a tainted vehicle but there is no need to once you know about us here in Greenville. Trust us, you’ll have our number on speed dial in no time at all!

The Service

Rest assured we will give your vehicle the full works if you give us the chance. We will go over it multiple times to make sure that we leave you with a smooth and restored service, ready to accept whatever new look you envisage for it.

We will make sure that there is not a spot of residual paint if that is what you require and we will always, always ensure that no actual damage is done to the substrate. We think you’ll agree - that is imperative.

Be it aged oil, rust, natural damage or every day wear and tear - none of it is too stubborn to resist our media formula, developed with care and experience to ensure a great effect every time. It is mixed with air or water and sprayed onto the surface of your vehicle at exactly the right pressure to get the job done but to do no more to the surface than that.

Please get in touch today to organise your first blasting order from us - here at Sandblasting Greenville we are very sure it will be the first of many!


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