Dustless Blasting Greenville

Dustless blasting job greenville scWe have the equipment and the know-how to cover all of your blasting needs. Whether you own a vehicle, a boat or you have a commercial or residential property or machine in need of a new look, we will be there to help. We know how important this kind of work is.

Commercial properties are where you do your work, where you entertain associates and where you present yourselves to the community. They need to look good just as it is important to turn up to work in a clean car. Therefore, we make this type of job a key part of our portfolios. Equally, personal belongings like vehicles and garage or shed spaces are sometimes victime to metal or other hard surfaces that have long since become a bit sore on the eyes.

These spaces and objects are not just things - they make up part of your homes. Therefore, At Sandblasting Greenville, we always do the utmost to make sure our job is up to your standard. But more than that, we never run over on deadlines, we prepare carefully and we do proper clean-up jobs after we’ve finished to make sure you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Dustless blasting is great for preparing and cleaning hard surfaces in preparation for that new look you envisage for it. We use a combination of small media (glass or sand) to get rid of paint, primer or any other kind of nuisance that has stuck itself to the substrate. The best thing about it? No dust! This means minimal fallout from the job and less cleaning to do afterwards.

Dustless Blasting Process

Firstly, we come and inspect the job you want us to do. Then, we offer accurate preparatory plans to detail exactly what we can do to achieve the desired results. After that, once we have both agreed, the real work can begin. It is our favorite part of the job, of course, but rest assured that you will be kept in the loop at every stage of the process to make sure we all understand what stage we are at.

Our blasting equipment is fit for purpose and easily controllable. Our media blend is specially designed in order to get the job done whilst guaranteeing absolutely no damage to the substrates we work on. We have the ability to increase or to diminish the amount of water and air we blast a surface with to ensure maximum impact.

The media is used to cut through the abrasive material on the surface and the water is there to cushion the impact in order to ensure that no damage is done you a substrate. None of the sand or glass media will remain on the surface after we have finished. It all washes off and there is never any dust residue!

Please get in touch today if you have a surface in mind that could do with a bit of love and care. We would be happy to walk you through the process in more detail.


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