Residential Sandblasting Greenville

residential blasting workHere is a service that is very close to our hearts. Though we may look like we are always ready to blast off some more abrasive material, with our protective gear, we do of course, all have home and private spaces that are very dear to us. Therefore, naturally we understand that the home or the living space occupies a place of central importance in your lives.

As members of the Greenville, SC community. We are proud to do this type of work because it often relates to our own lives as well. When we are blasting an area or a wall of a house, we know that in essence, what we are doing is providing increased comfort and style for the places that matter most in our lives.

Many of our clients are homeowners and many are real estate professionals as well. If you are the latter, then we share your enthusiasm for getting residencies in the best possible shape for prospective clients. Look no further than Sandblasting Greenville to help you to sell more properties or to help you to improve your own home.

We never want you to feel helpless in front of a wall of grime or a tough stain again. Just give us a call and we’ll blast your problems away.

One final thing before we explain the process in a bit more detail. Unfortunately, part of the function of this service is to help with graffiti removal. There have been an increasing amount of tagging in urban areas recently and we consider it a duty to be able to help you if this happens to you.

Nobody likes discovering an unwanted mark on their home - let us be the ones to calm your nerves, to remove the stain and to do it all with a smile and with a can-do attitude.

How It Works

The first stage is always inspection. We have to know what kind of job we are dealing with before we can get to work. Then with you, the client, we will draw up a plan of action and agree a good price! Afterwards, we can do what we love to do and begin the blasting!

We use a combination of two techniques to work on residential properties. Number one is a pressure washing service. Water and detergents are get rid of the grime with ease and leave hard surfaces looking fresh and renewed.

Or, if it is required, we can get to work with a dry clean. By utilising a small amount of media, abrasive materials mixed with compressed air and blasting them onto a surface, we are sure to rid your walls and surfaces from unwanted build-up. For example, it works great for oil stains, for smoke damage or other residue.

We will also ensure that none of it is left over when we are finished. We will leave your place exactly how we found it, minus the stain. If this sounds good to you get in touch now for a free quote!


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