Soda Blasting Greenville

Soda blasting south carolinaSoda blasting is a great component in our portfolio. I can explain why: we love the big jobs as much as the next contractor. The industrial blasting and the big sandblasters have their place in our hearts. Of course they do! But, soda blasting has its place too. It is a milder form of blasting that uses bicarbonate soda particles and blasts them against a surface with an unwanted material on it. It has a much less abrasive effect than some other forms of blasting and is certainly not appropriate for all jobs. But, if you have a surface in mind that needs to absolutely retain its shape and form, then soda blasting is a great solution to clean it thoroughly, to prepare it for the next step of restoration or renewal and to get it looking spick and span in no time.

We can give you one great example to prove to you that it is a tried and tested formula. In the 1980s, soda blasting was used on the Statue of Liberty. Yep, you read that correctly. Therefore, we think it is probably good enough for any object any of us own in Greenville, SC.


All in all, soda blasting is a non-destructive technique for cleaning, paint stripping, automobile restoration and other kinds of regeneration. It also works great for sculptures, for light machinery and for any kind of oil, rust or smoke damage that has accrued over the years. If you are thinking ‘great, but what do I have that it could be used for?’ Well, we have the answer. Soda blasting is a perfect solution because it has loads of applications. It can be used for cleaning timber, wood, oak beams, doors, bannisters and floors.

It is also great for certain areas of cars and boats and of course, for masonry. If you think that any of these applications sound like they could work for you, then we would be very happy to hear more details about a specific job and to explain in detail how we would be able to help you. At Sandblasting Greenville, we have been through it all and we are always ready to face new challenges head on!

How It Works

As always, the first step is inspection. Especially with soda blasting, if we are dealing with a material that needs to be kept in perfect condition. It is important for us to be able to draw up a proper plan before any work starts. But, don't worry! Soda blasting is a tried and tested method that is sure to produce the results that you need.

A soda blaster itself contains a blast generator, high pressure compressed air, moisture control system and a hose and nozzle. It is a great piece of kit that is perfectly designed so that the operator can control the power and density of the blast.

Baking soda works great in these situations because it undergoes micro fragmentation on impact - literally blasting away the unwanted surface materials.


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